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3.3. Космос

Performers/ tools: Dialogue in the field of space

Project name / Expected result Term of realization
Preparation for the signing of a cooperation agreement on global satellite navigation systems (GSSS), including a proposal describing system parameters, criteria, and methodology for high-quality compatibility of the current and future GLONASS and Galileo systems 2010-2011
Development of agreed definitions, criteria and methods for evaluating the compatibility of radio signals of the current and future GLONASS and Galileo systems 2011-2013
The first launch of Soyuz from the Kourou space center (Guiana space center) Second quarter of 2011
Development of cooperation areas in the field of remote sensing of the earth, including (regarding the procedure and method of exchanging remote sensing data) early warning systems, risk assessment and monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions 2011
Identification of further areas of cooperation within the framework of the 7th framework programme for scientific and technical cooperation of the European Union 2011
Conducting joint research of the Mars satellite Phobos 2011-2013
Conducting joint research in the framework of the Bepi-Colombo project» 2013
Conducting joint medical and biological experiments on Board the International space station (ISS) 2011-2013
Preparation of proposals for new sharing capabilities of the ISS 2011
Cooperation in the field of emergency response in road traffic accidents within the framework of the Russian ERA-GLONASS system and the European eCall system. Preparation of an Agreement on the harmonization of standards for each party and compatible technical platforms for both projects 2011-2013

Working Plan for implementing the EU-Russia partnership for modernisation initiative"