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1.1.5. Транспорт

The performers/ instruments: The dialogue on transport.

Project name / Expected result Term of realization
Cooperation within the framework of the introduction of a digital tachograph, as well as new generations of digital devices for monitoring drivers ' work and rest hours. since 2011
Cooperation on Maritime transport projects: data exchange on Maritime navigation, data exchange between the Maritime information system of the Russian Federation (Sea) and the Maritime information system of the European Union (SafeSeaNet), cooperation on the development of the concept of Sea lanes for the Barents and Baltic sea regions, including cooperation in the field of new multi-modal (primarily railway-sea) technological developments and connections. since 2011
Develop greater transport integration within the framework of the Northern dimension transport and logistics Partnership (NDPTL) and the Central Axis Partnership. since 2011
Bringing the Russian-European project "Transsib in 7 days"to the Russian-European level.
Traffic flow management based on intelligent transport systems (ITS), as well as improving road safety. 2011-2012
Creation of a high-speed rail network between Russia and the EU.  

Working Plan for implementing the EU-Russia partnership for modernisation initiative"